Congratulations and Thank You to the following donors who have reached new heights.


New Heights – August 2013



3 Gallons

Patricia Black

Talia Ciarabellini

Tony Luis

Michael Slavin

Curtis Valko


4 Gallons

Andrew Altizer

Gary Falxa

Russell Imberi

Nona Sartor

Brett Visser


5 Gallons

Michael Camp

Thoret Farnsworth

Nathaniel Gonzalez

Rand Hall

Dean Langer

Autumn Ogden

Scott Rainsford

Clay Speaker

Richard Taylor

Nina Thorwaldson

Georgeann Wence


6 Gallons

Kathy Cook

Thomas Ehret

Elliott McCarl


7 Gallons

Robert Cochran

Joseph Garnett

Walter Shelley, Jr

Clark Wade


8 Gallons

Albert Norton

Linda Schwend


9 Gallons

Charles Chamberlain


11 Gallons

Catherine Deboer

Dianne Reynolds


12 Gallons

Timothy Nicely, MD

Duane Rigge

Debbie Topping

George Wainwright


13 Gallons

Melissa Miller

Albert Young, Jr

David Young


14 Gallons

Carole Beaton


15 Gallons

Jeffry Branca

Marc Cram


16 Gallons

Mark Dondero

David Nicholson


18 Gallons

Floyd Stacey


19 Gallons

Catherine Moore


21 Gallons

Gary Chapman

Carol Nelson


28 Gallons

Mack Owen


29 Gallons

Eugene Joyce


33 Gallons

James Martin


40 Gallons

Bob Waters


47 Gallons

Wayne Farrar



We would also like to thank the following groups that have sponsored our mobile blood drives in August, 2013

Ace Hardware - McKinleyville

Arcata CO-OP

Arcata Exchange

Arts Arcata

Bank of America

Bayshore Mall

Bureau Land Management

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Eureka

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - McKinleyville

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -Fortuna

City Hall - Eureka

Coast Central Credit Union - Arcata

Coast Central Credit Union - McKinleyville

College of the Redwoods


Country Club Market

CR Police Academy

Eureka Mall

Eureka Natural Foods

Farmer’s Market - Arcata

Farmer’s Market - McKinleyville

Fish & Wildlife -Arcata

Fortuna Community

Fortuna Park and Recreation

Humboldt County Courthouse

Humboldt Co. Health Dept

Humboldt Fire Dept

Humboldt Co. Probation Office

Humboldt State University

Hydesville Community Church

K-Mart - McKinleyville

Mad River Community Hospital

Murphy’s Market - Cutten

O&M Industries

PG&E Power Plant

Ray’s Food Place - Fortuna

Ray’s Food Place

Redwood Capital Bank

Rio Dell Community

Safeway - Arcata

Safeway - Crescent City

Safeway - Fortuna

Safeway - McKinleyville

Social Services - Koster

Social Services Calling Center

Summer Concert

Sutter Coast Hospital

United Indian Health Services

US Bank - Eureka


Wildberries Market

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